Our team educates potential customers about Datadog and ensures that existing customers are happy and successful, helping to drive Datadog's global growth. We share our technical and product expertise with customers through demos, presentations, technical evaluations, and ongoing support.

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We are trusted technical advisors for Datadog's Partner Network. From conducting technical demonstrations and workshops to providing new product overviews and helping partners respond to customer requests, we support any technical activity with our partners.

Our team provides technical expertise to prospective customers through sales presentations, product demonstrations, and supporting technical evaluations. We partner with sellers to qualify and close opportunities with prospective customers, and we help to drive product development based on input from users.

We work with Datadog customers to fully implement the appropriate Datadog solutions. Through frequent collaboration with other Datadog customer success, engineering, product management, and technical services teams, we drive quality adoption.

As Datadog’s in-house product experts, we provide quality support and care to our customers. Our team ensures a positive customer experience through triaging customer inquiries and requests, troubleshooting issues, and directly presenting solutions.

Our team is a dedicated technical resource for our largest customers. As trusted advisors in how IT operations translate to business value for our customers, we provide them with strategic guidance and training to get the most value from our product offerings.

We help to grow, empower, and support Datadog's Technical Solutions teams. By developing and delivering scalable training content, curriculum, and programs that simplify the complex, we enable our people to be successful in their jobs.

We are a team of multipliers focused on helping our Technical Solutions (TS) organization scale through unified program management, long-term planning via operational key results (OKRs), consistent execution via operational excellence, optimizing efficiencies (people, process, technology), and driving innovation across TS to continue delivering exceptional customer experience.

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