At Datadog, we collect, process, and visualize trillions of data points per day. To deliver a product that customers love, we tackle and solve complex technical problems at scale, using the cloud and today’s best open source technologies.

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Whether designing the foundational platforms that power our applications or writing and developing the Datadog Agent, Datadog’s Backend team encompasses a wide range of roles. We use Go, Python, Java, and React to build systems that run on Kubernetes and that are multi-region and multi-cloud. Datadog collects tens of trillions of events per day and runs on millions of hosts. Our work makes this huge volume of heterogeneous, complex data easy for our users to understand and act on.

Open source libraries are built on the idea that better software is transparent, and driven by their users and community. As a Library Engineer, you have the chance to go from broad language development (Go, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, PHP, etc.) and integration topics, down to deep and low-level details of the language runtimes, interpreters or compilers. Our libraries are used by thousands of users across thousands of services receiving millions of requests per second!

Datadog's Frontend team is responsible for building an intuitive, responsive product. We help users across 8,000+ organizations monitor the health, performance, and security of their systems, no matter the scale. We use tools like React, Typescript, and Redux to help streamline the flow of data from platform to user, enable seamless pivots from one view to the next, and build a powerful yet easy-to-use monitoring experience.

The Infrastructure team comprises Reliability Engineering, Runtime Infrastructure, Global Data Platform, and Engineering Efficiency & Effectiveness. These teams are responsible for the infrastructure—comprising hundreds of clusters across multiple regions and cloud providers—that supports Datadog applications in production. We ensure that our high-volume, low-latency environments continue to perform around the clock and that Datadog engineers are equipped to be more efficient and effective in building and delivering secure and reliable software.

The Data Science team strives to create practical user-facing features in the Datadog app that improve observability of dynamic, distributed systems for our customers. We research, develop, and maintain features such as automated alerting, forecasting, anomaly detection, directed root cause analysis, and much more.

The mission of the Data and Analytics team is to enable everyone at Datadog to interact with and derive value from the data that we collect from different sources, including our product, business systems, and marketing tools. We do this by focusing on self-serve analytics and platforms, high quality data, actionable insights, and education in order to power Datadog as a data-driven company.

The Global Information Security team is responsible for identifying areas of concern within Datadog and actively implementing the appropriate security posture to defend against threats. As part of the Engineering organization, we work across the business to represent, design, integrate, and refine Datadog’s security, risk, and compliance initiatives, as well as help develop the processes, procedures, and platforms that ensure Datadog products are built in a manner that promotes customers’ trust and safety.

Enterprise Technology teams at Datadog manage, maintain, and protect the technology used every day by employees. Responsibilities include supporting our employees and the hardware and software they depend on; securing our networks, software, and endpoints; building custom applications; and collaborating with business teams on their processes and technology.

The Technical Community team at Datadog is responsible for an array of customer-facing initiatives that include developer advocacy, training, the open source programs office, documentation, and the Engineering blog. We focus on enabling Datadog’s user and developer communities to build great things on Datadog’s cloud monitoring platform.

Technical Program Managers (TPMs) are responsible for our most crucial and complex projects that span technical teams, domains, and products at Datadog. We focus on maintaining lightweight processes and continual improvements while optimizing and accelerating execution. Clear communication, metrics, and visibility are building blocks of our values.

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