Our department is the backbone of the company. We rapidly scale our global office locations, hire talent, onboard new employees, ensure growth and success through talent development, and implement financial and legal systems to keep our business running in top form.

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We run the day-to-day functions for Datadog while helping to keep our employees safe, happy, and productive. Our team works closely with leadership and employees to ensure Datadog continues scaling smoothly, individuals feel connected, and we remain a workplace our people are proud to be a part of.

Our team guides the design and creation of programs throughout the employee journey. We’re focused on building a diverse workforce and equitable internal practices that run parallel with our external philanthropic initiatives.

We collaborate with departments across the organization to provide commercial, operational, and analytical support. Our team efficiently supports Datadog’s continued growth.

We’re more than just human resources—we’re a data-driven team dedicated to continuously improving the way we hire, develop, and support our most valuable asset: our people.

We are strategic business partners, matchmakers, sellers, and marketeers, all wrapped into one. Our team partners with business leaders to shape, mold, and impact company growth, our employer brand, and the candidate experience.

Our team supports the Datadog sales engine at scale. We drive adoption and efficiency of global processes, research and identify accounts, and support operational excellence.

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